Tony Khan is one of the most ambitious figures in the professional wrestling world. He’s signed many huge names to AEW and naturally spent big money for them. Some of the big names that are currently present in AEW are CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, FTR, and Athena.

Eric Bischoff thinks he deserves a nickname similar to his own from his WCW era. Bischoff was the Senior Vice President of the promotion and spent big money for huge stars to be on the roster. That got him the nickname “ATM Eric.”

The WWE Hall of Famer spoke about Tony Khan’s spending on NBC Sports Boston. He said that the AEW president is shelling out money that Ted Turner would have never been okay with when it was Bischoff’s time.

Tony Khan now has the ATM Eric [nickname]. That ATM Eric thing has gone a long time ago. That man is spending more money than Ted Turner would’ve ever allowed me to spend.


Eric Bischoff competed with WWE until they were bought out. After WWE absorbed the company, Bischoff started appearing on WWE programming. He eventually held the reins as the general manager for Monday Night RAW, until 2005. Now Easy E is a pro wrestling commentator, and he obviously keeps a close eye on what’s going on.

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