WWE Superstars look up to The Undertaker for a variety of legendary reasons. He has also been sculpted as an action figure on numerous occasions. Action figures are a very popular topic within pro wrestling fans, and The Undertaker had a very interesting admission to make regarding that subject.

The Undertaker appeared at WWE and Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con panel alongside Ciampa, Cody Rhodes, and Zelina Vega. At the panel, Mattel announced new WWE Action Figures before a Q & A session with them.

The Undertaker was asked if he has an action figure collection, and he gave a surprising answer to the crowd. The Deadman revealed that he does have an action figure collection. He also mentioned that he has so many figures, he had “a bathtub” full of them that his two-year-old would play with.

“I have every action figure that’s ever been done of me.”


That was surprising from The Undertaker. Last year, Matt Cardona revealed that Taker would boot him out of the locker room if he brought up wrestling action figures or other toys.

“To have one [action figure] was incredible, but to be able to step on at least twenty in the middle of the night, it’s just next-level stuff.

Hasbro released the first Undertaker figure in 1992, Since then, Undertaker has had nearly 300 action figures made of himself. Some of the more noteworthy ones come from Jakks and Mattel among the likes of The Undertaker’s SummerSlam 1999 Jakks figure, an LJN rubber style figure released by Jakks in the mid-2000s, Mattel’s Elite Series figures, and most recently, his Matt Ultimate Edition figure released alongside kayfabe brother, Kane. Surprisingly, they even released a Mean Mark Calloway figure recently!

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Andre Porter

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