With their recent championship success, many fans have speculated whether FTR would challenge The Young Bucks for the AEW World Tag Team Championships at All Out. However, it appears that The Bucks will be involved in the Trios Titles tournament instead.

FTR’s Dax Hardwood took issue with Dave Meltzer’s claim that backstage politics didn’t play a part in why the tag match won’t happen at the show. In response, Meltzer gave a bit of clarification on this week’s Wrestling Observer as to why it looks the match won’t occur.

It’s a long story, but I mean, basically, here’s here’s the story, okay. FTR at one point were told that at the Chicago pay-per-view that it was going to be Young Bucks against them for all the belts. I expected that match. I thought that was the match to make. And obviously, the powers that be thought that they had been sitting on this Kenny Omega return and Trios belts and Adam page return forever and ever. And they were waiting for Kenny Omega to return to bring these Trios belts in. And now Kenny Omega is ready to return. So in that sense that usurped whatever the plan was,

The Young Bucks were never supposed to get those belts anyway. That was supposed to be the Hardys. But they really wanted that match, and I wanted that match, and I wished the match happened, but you got to go with what you think is the bigger business. You can always do that match…Bringing back Kenny Omega for this pay-per-view and putting the Adam Page thing back together is something that they hope will build their business up, especially for this pay-per-view show.


During last week’s edition of Dynamite, The Young Bucks were betrayed by Adam Cole and The Undisputed Elite. This prompted ‘Hangman’ Adam Page to come to The Buck’s rescue, leaving everyone to believe the six men would be involved in a six-man tag match at All Out. There has been speculation about Kenny Omega playing a huge role in the upcoming trios match, though nothing has been confirmed.

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