Lex Luger was already an established name in the business when he signed with WWE way back in 1993. Lugar adopted the Narcissist gimmick during his first stint with Vince McMahon’s promotion.

Luger is widely considered to be one of the greatest stars who never won world title in WWE. Despite being pushed into the title picture immediately after his debut, Luger never won the WWE Championship.

Luger’s health took a downward spiral after during the later part of the 2000s. He suffered a spinal stroke which limited his mobility, but Luger recently told Sports Illustrated that he’s in great health.

“It’s mind-boggling. I’m in phenomenal health. Other than my mobility issues from my spinal cord issue, I’m very healthy, and that’s a miracle of God after what I put my body through. I usually use a wheelchair or a walker, but I can walk some.


“I have great mobility; I drive. But you know how your power will go out for a moment during a storm? That can happen to me, and I’m on the floor before I know it. So I take a lot of precautions. I live totally independently, which wasn’t supposed to happen. I don’t look the same because I don’t hit the weights like I used to, but I’m healthy.”

Luger has hopes of making it into WWE’s Hall of Fame someday as well. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion stated that he might get out of his wheelchair to get inducted into the Hall of Fame. “I might pop out of the chair for that. I would take that chance if that moment comes. That honor would be the cherry on top of my career,” he said.

Luger’s life and career will be the subject of the next episode of A&E Biography: WWE Legends. The episode will air on August 7th, Sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on the A&E Network.

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