Vince McMahon’s retirement came as a shock for a lot of pro wrestling fans, marking the end of an era. Now that McMahon is gone, Triple H is running the creative show, something that many didn’t think would ever happen either.

With Vince McMahon officially retired from all duties within WWE, Triple H is now the head of creative for Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. Changes in how the shows are produced are starting to appear. Two-time WWE Hall of Famer, and great friend of Triple H, Kevin Nash has good insights on the transition.

During Kliq This, Nash spoke bluntly about his old buddy Triple H taking control of WWE’s creative ship. If anything, preparing for television won’t be such a chaotic experience with Vince McMahon changing things around so often.

“Vince will f*cking not have the show done. I remember when I was working with CM Punk and Phil and I would just be sitting there and, of course, it didn’t affect me because they gave me no f*cking verbiage. They wanted the basic bullets, and we just look at each other and the pyro is starting, and we don’t even have, ‘I’ll see you out there.’


“I think right one thing, one thing guaranteed that happened this Monday was that it was, you know, people knew probably by 5:00 people had a concrete idea exactly what was going to f*cking happen in the Garden.”

McMahon had a reputation for tearing up scripts that the writers put together hours before the shows and writing up an entire show on the day that the show was occurring. It’s very likely that under the new leadership of Triple H that strand will probably not continue.

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Andre Porter

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