Ric Flair’s last match was presented as a major event. The promoters tried to ensure a star-studded audience was on hand, including Kid Rock and several former WWE superstars. Bret Hart, The Undertaker, and Mick Foley were ringside for Flair’s final go in the squared circle. Many went into the event wondering if any current WWE talent would appear.

While there were some pre-recorded messages for Flair throughout the broadcast, no current WWE wrestlers were on camera at Ric Flair’s Last Match. Some were disappointed that Charlotte Flair didn’t get involved. According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE seems to be sticking to their rule of not allowing talent to appear on outside shows.

“Obviously, the fact that she [Charlotte Flair] was there and they had Megan [Flair] do it, you know, Megan be the one who interacted with Karen, basically must have meant that WWE said, ‘You can’t.’ So, even in this situation, and they did have some…. I’m trying to remember if they had any WWE talent other than, they did have Nick Nemeth, Dolph Ziggler, but they called him Nick Nemeth for a split second, and Cody Rhodes was on… [The Undertaker] doesn’t have a contract that would prohibit him from sitting at ringside during an independent show.

There were WWE people there and none of them were allowed to be on camera and it was just interesting that you know, the key being is that we’re trying to learn from… We’ve got a new regime here with Paul [Levesque] and Stephanie [McMahon] and Nick Khan. OK, Vince is out and the Vince rules are not necessarily the rules anymore. The old rules, of course, I would not expect anyone.


But, do you think on a unique situation like this, Ric Flair’s retirement, do you allow your guys to, you know, I mean they weren’t going to wrestle, but maybe do a run-in, maybe just do a cameo, maybe do something at the end, you know, go to the ring with Ric Flair or whatever and the answer was, the people who were there, the answer was no, they’re not allowed on. Whereas with AEW, you know, guys were allowed. Of course with Impact and those companies, not only were guys allowed, but they essentially sponsored matches and had championship matches. Everybody else worked together. But it was interesting that even for Ric Flair’s retirement, the old rules still apply, so it appears that those kind of rules are not going to change, because we got a new regime and this was the test. Is Charlotte Flair going to be allowed to do something? And obviously, the answer was no.”

Instead of Charlotte Flair, fans got to see Ric’s daughter, Megan, get involved. There was certainly some WWE flavor at the event, but nobody who did appear was prevented from doing so. While there is a new regime in Stamford, some of Vince McMahon’s rules look to be staying in place.

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Michael Perry

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