Kayla Braxton is the voice of WWE backstage. While she has interviewed almost every talent on the main roster, the star has become favorite for many. She especially has an odd relationship with Paul Heyman, which further makes her more popular.

Braxton is one of the most positive people in sports entertainment. She loves herself to a great degree and never lets anything deter her balance and growth. It seems that the star has a lot of remembrances of things that are very important to her.

The star took to Twitter in order to reveal to the fans what the significance behind all of her body inks is. She has tattoos on her collar bone, forearm, spine, and elbow, and each one has its own unique meaning.

For those who asked: 


Collar bone: “shine,” for my fav quote, “stars can’t shine without darkness” 

Forearm : date I moved into foster care and a 🍪

Spine: “Two faces” cuz I’m a Gemini 

Elbow : I’ve always had sleep paralysis. Tat represents me escaping the nightmares. 


Kayla Braxton recently told fans about how she responds when one of her casual dates asks about her love language. She also got trolled on social media after she claimed that she is 5’8.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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