Bryan Danielson is one of the biggest figures in pro wrestling. While he is currently an AEW superstar with unmeasurable standing, he dominated WWE not too long ago. During his stint as the SmackDown general manager, he hosted Talking Smack alongside Renee Paquette.

Danielson and Paquette had incredible chemistry together, and their bits worked incredibly well from a creative standpoint. Sadly, the show didn’t last very long. It was recently revived but went through name change.

Paquette and Danielson reunited once again, though this time at the Starrcast V event. The American Dragon was the guest on Renee Paquette’s live edition of The Sessions. He talked about many things, though talked about the Talking Smack segment between himself and The Miz. He revealed that The Miz had a lot of frustration about being unable to get his hands on the former WWE superstar.

Miz was very frustrated, he was Intercontinental champion and wasn’t being on TV much. I was very frustrated that they weren’t clearing me to wrestle despite numerous doctors having cleared me to wrestle, and you know, I understand why but that’s a long story anyways.


Danielson revealed that he initially planned to attack The Miz. His plan was to get the fans so riled up by their obvious tensions that they would have to get into a match. However, The Miz’s reaction was so good that Bryan thought it better to leave him be.

So, we came up with this plan and the original thing Mike (The Miz) and I came up with was that I was going to f—king deck him. We wanted to get under each other’s skin so much that it was plausible that I would legit be angry enough to punch him and so, that was the intent. And then I was going to punch him, and the idea was either they’re going to fire me or it’s going to make people want to see the match so much that they’re going to have to clear me to wrestle but then Mike did such a great job – intuitively, I felt was better to walk off. Because it was like, God, this is so good leave him with his heat. He was so good. He was magic.

Bryan Danielson recently expressed that he would rather listen to NSFW locker room talk than see wrestlers sucked into their phones. The star was pushing the envelope hard in Talking Smack, to the point that he was ready to get fired from the show.

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