Seth Rollins has come a long way since he started in WWE. He is also going to be the first one to admit how much things have changed for him.

Former WWE backstage producer Road Dogg revealed that Seth Rollins refused to accept his advice earlier in his career in WWE. The former NXT Champion rejected the Hall of Famer’s advice about changing up the buildup to one of his moves in the corner, which resulted in Road Dogg having a conversation with Triple H about Rollins being stubborn.

In an interview with SPORT1, Rollins admitted that he didn’t want to accept Road Dogg’s advice and wanted to do things his way. He credits his time working in the independent circuit for why he had such a chip on his shoulder.

 I used to be pretty stubborn, that’s true, and that was a problem starting in WWE twelve years ago, and going through the NXT roster. You need the confidence to make it in the WWE, but it was difficult for me. I must have also been because I came from a different world.


In independent wrestling, which is where I grew up, you’re a lot more on your own, you’ve got a lot more to figure out on your own. It’s a completely different world of experience and I wasn’t quite prepared for it. As a result, there was a lot of friction and strained working relationships and I almost burned my bridges.

Rollins didn’t appear to have that same chip on his shoulder last night at SummerSlam when he once again delivered the Curb Stomp to Riddle. The two were supposed to wrestle at the event, but the match was postponed after a kayfabe injury to the Original Bro.

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