Ricky Starks is currently one of the highlights of AEW television, and there is a good reason for that. The FTW Champion has worked hard to establish himself as a solid talent, and fans continue to support him all the time. Tony Khan was also dragged for treating the FTW Title like a real championship.

The FTW Title was previously used in ECW in 1998 and was created by Taz as an alternative to the company’s world title. The belt remained inactive until it was introduced back a couple of years ago.

While speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Cornette dragged Tony Khan for treating FTW Title like a real championship and explained his reasoning behind it.

“And the announcers as this thing started were trying to talk. I know Taz was there, so he should be, but the announcers were legitimately, including JR, were trying to talk the FTW title up as a real belt. Which is the polar opposite of what it actually is. They made their own belt. That’s a classic heel move. I seem to remember that Taz did that because somebody else held the ECW title and there had been some dispute over a match and Taz declared himself the f*ck, the world champion.

Tony Khan being a mark for 90s wrestling, so let’s bring the FTW title back. Use it for business. The way he use it it’s not real. The heel is out there crowing that he is the FTW Champion because whatever issue he had with the company, they won’t give him a title match or his title match ended in confusion because the referee made the wrong mistake (…) Then he defends it on his own because the company does not sanction it blah blah blah.”

We will have to wait and see what the future of the FTW Championship will be. Perhaps a new champion will be crowned, but that will not make the title legitimate in any way.

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