Bobby Horne, most noticeably from Mo from Men on a Mission, is in a delicate state. The part of the former WWF Tag Team Champions currently remains in the hospital after a long history of illness. His GoFundMe page has been set up to help him raise funds that’ll get him through his trying times.

Sir Mo’s GoFundMe page describes all the medical history that followed before his current precarious state. Horne received a kidney transplant back in March 2018. As he was on immunosuppressants, contracting COVID-19 in January put him through a rough time.

The former WWF star spent 3 weeks in the ICU and an additional 10 days in a rehab facility. The star thought he’d lost the battle at certain points but came out the victor. Even though he beat COVID, one major complication was his relying on an oxygen machine to maintain healthy oxygen levels.

After beating Covid, he’s had to rely on an oxygen machine to help him breathe and maintain healthy oxygen levels. He was working on a comeback and full recovery, but the tubes and cords were holding him back.

He was going to the doctors’ appointments, all of them: Cardiologists, Pulmonologists, sleep studies, and his regular family and his long-term kidney specialists.

April 15, he went back to the emergency room due to high CO2 levels. This time, it was so serious that he had to be immediately intubated (ventilator) for two days, and spent 2 more weeks in the ICU.

He was still fighting the anxiety that comes with not being able to breathe and a fear that the oxygen would run out. Finally, he was rounding the curve and getting on track; anxiety was subsiding, breathing and stamina getting better, and he was getting back to the things and people he loves; promoting wrestling and just weeks from returning to leading training at his wrestling schools.

Mo saw a lot of doctors and specialists. He was intubated once again on April 15 after reporting high CO2 levels. He was recovering, but another emergency struck. He suffered from a long-time hernia, and due to complications, he needed surgery. The hernia was causing a toxic and severe blockage. Surgery was risky after the transplant, but they had to go ahead with it.

But then another medical emergency struck. Due to complications of a long-time hernia, he required emergency surgery as the his intestines were pushing through his hernia, causing a severe and toxic blockage. The hernia had previously been considered inoperable due to his kidney transplant. It was no longer an option to hold off, the hernia tried to take him out. But our friend is a fighter, still.

Bobby Horne now remains intubated as he developed pneumonia. Even though it was caught early, he’s been stuck in his current state for a while. He even went through a tracheotomy to manage his stress of ventilation. The GoFundMe description concluded by appealing to fans to donate to his fundraiser. The GoFundMe fundraiser targets to raise $50,000 and has amassed $1,615 from 34 donors. We hope that the former WWF legend gets better soon.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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