Jon Moxley is the AEW Interim World Champion, and now he has a new sponsorship on top of it all. Moxley came back in January after taking a break for rehab due to alcoholism in November. He was attempting to secure a sponsorship from Athletic Brewing, a non-alcoholic beer brand, after capturing the interim title by defeating Hiroshi Tanahashi at Forbidden Door. A month later, it appears that Moxley’s wish came true.

Athletic Brewing revealed their sponsorship of Jon Moxley via Twitter this afternoon. Not only that, but their tweet includes a video of Moxley drinking their beverage. Seeing as Moxley does not drink alcohol anymore, the non-alcoholic drink is right up his alley.

In the video, an overzealous Moxley made a statement about his endorsement, along with the AEW Interim World Title. His remarks imply adulation for the brand, as their beverage, unlike alcohol, will not make him delirious.

“This is Jon Moxley, AEW World Champion, and the champ only drinks one kind of nonalcoholic brew, and that is from Athletic Brewing,” Moxley said. “You can get up in the morning, you can have an Athletic and mow your grass. You can get up and run 10 miles through the mountains, or you can step into the ring and whoop somebody’s ass! You’re fit for all times.”


Moxley revealed on “The Sessions with Renee Paquette” podcast that he is now an avid drinker of Athletic non-alcoholic beer as substitute for real beer. Moxley’s rehab stint disciplined him enough to change his ways, monitor his life, and find salvation. Ringside News has nothing but admiration for Jon Moxley and wish him luck in the Fyter Fest Week 2 tag team match.

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