Michael Elgin was reportedly arrested in Japan after stealing protein powder. The timing was interesting, as Elgin had recently returned home to Canada. Elgin denied the report, but things still didn’t fully add up.

While on a layover at the Atlanta airport, Elgin shared his side of the story. He said that the allegations of protein theft were ridiculous. Elgin noted that he has not been banned or deported from Japan.

Elgin had recently missed two scheduled appearances for NOAH. Instead of saying what happened, he explained how the criminal justice system works in Japan. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that something is going on with Michael Elgin, he just isn’t sure what.

“What I do know that I didn’t know yesterday, there was an incident at the gym. I don’t know what the incident is, but there was something at the gym. I don’t believe it was stealing protein powder, but I can’t say that 100%, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t.


The police came. He was, evidently detained and let go and NOAH for a day, he was not in contact with NOAH for a certain period of time, for a day, and missed one show, and then they found out and they unbooked him and that is kind of the story. But, he was not arrested, you know, or anything like that. Not charged with anything, but whatever it is that actually happened is still being kept quiet, so it’s probably something… Whatever it is, it’s not something that they want out, that anyone wants out.

His argument about the stealing protein powder is that that would be the stupidest thing to do because the dojo has protein powder. The one thing he would not be in need of is protein powder, but there is something that happened in the gym, and that much we know.”

It will be interesting to see how Elgin reacts to this report. There was an incident that happened at the gym in Japan. For now, nobody involved is interested in discussing it.

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Michael Perry

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