Paul Heyman made a couple of interesting comments during last week’s episode of SmackDown. As Heyman tried to manipulate Madcap Moss into fighting Roman Reigns, he also tried to talk Theory out of it. As he spoke to both, he insinuated that he was the reason both of them were there in the first place. It turns out there is a lot of truth to that.

Paul Heyman was the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw for brief period back in 2020. During that time, he saw something in both Madcap Moss and Theory that nobody else at the time did. Heyman wanted both wrestlers to be a focal point of the show.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the background to Heyman’s televised comments. They weren’t just in-character statements. Paul pushed for both men during his time running Raw.

“It was also interesting, the ‘insider’ thing because Heyman went to Moss and he went to Theory, and he brought up how he was responsible for both of them getting their big break, which is actually a true story because if you remember back when Paul Heyman was in charge of Raw, well, Vince McMahon was in charge of Raw, but Paul Heyman was in charge of Raw in name. Two guys who he brought up were Theory, who they then sent back down because they didn’t think he was ready, and then Heyman hand-picked him when somebody got hurt… He picked Theory to be the replacement.


And then, with Moss, you remember, Moss came in, beat Ricochet, they were going to give Moss the big push, and then Moss, I think, had a family issue or something and went home. Probably having to do with COVID, but when COVID came in, he was gone. I don’t know the reason, exactly, but it was a family thing. You know, he kind of disappeared, but Heyman was going to give Moss a big push. He liked the guy’s look, liked the guy’s athletic ability and everything. It was just in both cases, with Theory, Vince didn’t think he was ready and sent him back down and with Moss, it was the timing thing. He did actually see something in both of those guys right away.”

Paul Heyman has always been known to have a keen eye for talent. His ability to incorporate that into televised storylines this past week was pretty slick. It adds an extra sense of realism to the angles and is something you don’t see too often from WWE.

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