Vince McMahon has lot going on right now amid his scandal, and he doesn’t want anyone putting out work he deems “subpar.” That being said, he is also not afraid to make his opinion known, and this time the RAW writing team took a huge hit.

Ringside News was told by a tenured member of the writing team that Vince McMahon grilled the RAW writing team, especially lead writers Jon Baeckstrom and Ryan Ward, in front of everyone on the company’s television mailing list. This was thanks to him hitting “reply all” which means everyone who gets show emails saw his reply.

We were told that “the RAW show was sent out by Jon Baeckstrom on Sunday night after some revisions by Baeckstrom and Ryan Ward.” This was sent out “to the entire RAW TV show distribution list.” That list includes a lot of people in the company, anyone who might need to know about an aspect of the show, not just the writers and producers.

This was the mass distribution of the show. Vince wrote a “reply all” note, which means everyone who gets the show, got Vince’s reply, about how uninspiring the show was, and how “we” (meaning the RAW team) need to do better. This was a total burial of Baeckstrom and Ward.


We were also told that Bruce Prichard “did nothing to defend them.” Also, Ed Koskey “was not around Sunday night or Monday to fix things for Baeckstrom and Ward.” This is something he “usually does.”

That being said, Baeckstrom and Ward were “left to take the blame and be the laughing stocks of the entire company.” It was not a good look, and one they certainly didn’t deserve.

As we previously reported, WWE RAW will get new TV-14 rating from now on. That means their writing team will have a lot more freedom to push the envelope. Only time will tell if that can fix those issues that McMahon spoke so openly about.

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