AEW quickly soared to popularity since it’s inception in 2019. Tony Khan’s promotion is often regarded as a direct competition to WWE. It appears AEW is already ready to make international moves.

On a recent episode of ‘Grilling JR” podcast, Ross spoke about AEW’s next move. He revealed that AEW is going to UK next year. While he might understand why All-Atlantic Title was created, he is sure that it will be of a great use internationally.

I didn’t understand that (creating the All-Atlantic Title), but it doesn’t matter what I understand. I’m not against it, but did we need it? I don’t know that we needed it, but I also don’t know how big of an asset it’s going to be internationally for us.

Jim Ross also said Tony Khan has big business connection in England. Implying that branching out will be easier for AEW. He then went on to assure All Elite Wrestling is definitely going to UK within the next calendar year.


I know that we’re going to go to places, like PAC is defending that title now in the UK I get it all the time. When are you guys coming to England? When are you going to do a pay-per-view? When are you going to do this? Well, when we come to England, you can bet your ass it’s going to be big. Tony’s got great business contacts there.

But the key thing is AEW is definitely coming to the UK and it will be in the next calendar year. I know that for a fact. I don’t know the dates, but we’re all excited about that because we get great television ratings in the UK. So why not play off that?”

The Jacksonville based promotion is doing numbers in US, thanks to the exceptional business team behind it. England has a huge wrestling fanbase, and AEW making this move will certainly be a big deal. We will have to wait and see what Tony Khan has planned for fans in UK.

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