Michael Hayes created a lot of intrigue because of his fanny pack gimmick. From time and time again, fans wonder what was it exactly that The Freebird was carrying. Matt Hardy is finally dispelling the secret as he revealed what was it that Hayes carried back in the Attitude Era.

The Hardy Boyz went toe-to-toe against The Acolytes. While they scored the win on the July 5th, 1999, episode of WWE Raw, Hayes was there at the ringside as witness to their legendary win.

Matt Hardy addressed this scenario on the latest episode of his “Extreme Life With Matt Hardy” show. Since Hayes was with them that day, fans launched a barrage of questions at him. One of those questions was what did Hayes carry in his fanny pack.

Usually there would be keys, there would be money, and there would be one cigarette, if he could get it. He was always looking for one cigarette. He would try and bum a cigarette and have one cigarette. He would try to do that always after he would eat his food. He would order food, he’d start drinking at the bar, he would, like, not eat his food. He would ask for a box, get it in a box, and take it back to his room, and then he would have a cigarette. That was his ritual every single night


The Hardy Boyz had their iconic win at their hometown show in North Carolina. They apparently had some pretty particular party plans because of that. Matt Hardy is currently holding his own and hoping for the best for his brother Jeff Hardy as he tackles his DUI case legally.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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