The rumors that AEW has been looking into working with the Stardom promotion have been flying for months. Many hoped to see stars from the influential Japanese women’s promotion on the Forbidden Door pay-per-view. Unfortunately, Stardom had a show that day and things didn’t work out, but the two sides are currently talking about working together in the future.

In pro wrestling, politics always play a huge role when two promotions decide to work together. As recently as Forbidden Door, Tony Khan was unable to have several AEW stars work the show due to disagreements between CMLL, AAA, and NJPW. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed how AEW is working hard to break down the politics that often keep promotions from doing business.

“There’s been talk, you know. I don’t know, it’s only preliminary talk, which there was none, whatever it was, a couple of weeks ago. I know Toni Storm wants to go there. AEW works a lot with Tokyo Joshi Pro, but AEW wants to work with everyone.

They’re trying to get away from the traditional politics. Obviously, Forbidden Door showed that you can’t completely because they obviously wanted Penta and Fenix and Andrade on that show and they couldn’t, you know. It was just one of those things where you couldn’t do the show. So, those politics that they want out, that’s another example of like old school wrestling.

Maybe when a new generation of promoters comes in that’s not the Vince McMahons, you know, and not the CMLL guys and people like that from the old school and you have new people who just want to, you know, don’t pretend that they’re the only game in town and there’s nobody else and all that, that these walls will break down because the walls breaking down is a great thing when you have the ability to have all these unique matches and better cards and things like that.”

The future of pro wrestling could see a lot more inter-promotional crossover. It will largely depend on who wants to set aside politics to put out a better product for fans. As old-school promoters age out and retire, shows like Forbidden Door could become way more common.

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Michael Perry

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