Kevin Owens usually has unique motives behind his actions. That apply to his gear, gimmicks and whoever he chooses to feud with. This time is no different, as fans wonder why Kevin Owens has a panda on his new t-shirt, out of all the animals he could have picked.

The latest WWE merch for the superstar is a t-shirt that is apparently panda-themed. A panda portrays Owens on the t-shirt, while it’s a standard “Fight Owens Fight” tee. As it says “Kevin Owens Rules,” that’s probably because Owens thinks the same of the pandas.

Owens took to Twitter in order to address people’s confusion over the new t-shirt. He revealed that his entire reason to go for a panda-themed t-shirt was because he thinks that they rule.

For those asking why there’s a panda on my new shirt on WWE Shop, allow me to explain,” Owens Tweeted. “Here’s what happened:


“Joe: ‘What do you want on your next shirt?’

“Me: ‘I don’t know. A panda?’

“Joe: ‘A panda? Why?!’

“Me: ‘Because pandas rule!’

“Joe: ‘Ok!’”

Kevin Owens has been dealing with a WWE character whom he believes has a conflict in personality. The star has been fixated over proving that Ezekial is truly Elias. However, he’s had no luck as Ezekial is one step ahead of him every time. The star even had his brother appear on RAW to prove that Elias is a different person.

Owens had a match scheduled against Ezekial, Elias, or the brother Elrod. However, the match was cancelled. While the match may happen sometime soon, Owens hasn’t been on RAW ever since the June 20 episode.

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