Kurt Angle is no longer part of WWE, but he always keeps a keen eye on all of WWE’s processions. Angle recently celebrated John Cena’s RAW debut’s 20-year anniversary, and recreated the match with his daughter. While the match was all about ‘ruthless aggression,’ Angle and his daughter gave it an adorable twist. Now, Angle is commenting on something else regarding Vince McMahon’s company.

The WWE veteran is always up for a match between two big names in WWE. He, however, questions whether putting up already huge WWE superstars in the main event slot for SummerSlam is the best idea.

Kurt Angle was in a conversation with NBC Sports, where he answered some questions about WWE. They asked him about WWE finding it hard to find someone of the same caliber as Brock Lesnar. Angle also expressed wanting to see Roman Reigns face some new opponents.

Roman Reigns, he needs to wrestle some new talent, some NXT guys, upcoming talent that are very talented, that can match his skill. I have nothing against Brock Lesnar coming back and wrestling Roman Reigns again but it’s already been done, and you don’t want to keep doing that over and over again. You have to make new talent.


The WWE Hall of Famer also talked about the emergence of AEW, and how they use talent from WWE when WWE won’t give them the platform they need. He added that WWE also has a habit of going back to known faces.

I think that has a lot to do with the other promotion starting to get some momentum behind them — AEW. You know, WWE lost a lot of talent to them. They’re looking at their NXT guys and they’re going to start making those guys pretty soon. I think that they do have a habit of going back to the older guys like Brock Lesnar.

Kurt Angle himself knows a lot about giving a hand to up-and-coming talent. The Olympic Hero played a crucial role in helping John Cena sell as the ruthless aggressor. Angle has faced off against Brock Lesnar as well. Let’s see if WWE gets any change in their booking patterns in later events.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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