Triple H is regarded as a professional wrestling legend by many fans and wrestlers. His influence is extensive and over the years, he has greatly aided many talents. From the looks of it, nothing has changed in NXT since Triple H announced that he’s back.

Triple H is regarded as the brains of NXT, since he worked very hard to make NXT one of the most valuable wrestling products in recent memory. Although Triple H’s goal for NXT 2.0 may no longer be realized, his contributions will always be appreciated. Bryan Alvarez recently discussed Triple H’s recent visit on Wrestling Observer Live.

It wasn’t actually a scheduled meeting, as Triple H was in town for a birthday party. He decided to stop by and talk to everybody and meanwhile dropped the line that he’s “back.”

Last week, that Triple H story, it’s possible it was much ado about nothing. Because it wasn’t a scheduled meeting. Triple H was in town for a birthday or something like that. He stopped by and talked to everybody. He dropped the line about how he was back and then when he was like, I guess he couldn’t say why he was back or when or any details, so that was it. And, apparently, he’s done similar speeches to this past and everything’s like pretty much the same. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be there running the show tonight but the impression I was given was, you know, he said something and nothing is changed so, I guess


We are aware of the significance of Stephanie McMahon’s appointment as the company’s interim CEO. This may have just been a result of NXT 2.0’s clear failure to attract that prized demographic, which was insignificant in comparison to how it was when Triple H was in charge of the program. Since he is no longer a professional wrestler, Triple H is now entirely focused on the development of WWE talent. Whether Triple H’s return to leadership of NXT 2.0 results in any meaningful changes remains to be seen.

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