Zelina Vega made her comeback to WWE last year, after her release from the company in 2020. She was released by the promotion for violating WWE’s previous mandates on third party sites after opening an OnlyFans account. Zelina recently provided fans a little sneak peek to her upcoming look.

Zelina Vega recently took to her Instagram to show off another look she is going to debut. She dazzled in a bright red outfit with several death metal and logo patches all over it. Zelina paired up her look with red flame-shaped shades and high-heeled red boots.

A little sneak peek of another look to come…

Zelina also sported a black jacket with Naruto anime themed Akatsuki logo on the back. The soundtrack in her video was also inspired from the anime Naruto. It seems Zelina is a huge fan of Japanese animation.


Zelina Vega is a fan of pop culture in general, whether it is Anime, video games or anything else. The self-proclaimed ‘boujee weeb’ often throws in references to her fashion taste. Check out her latest video drop below.

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