Braun Strowman’s release from WWE was something no one saw coming, as he was a huge star there. Following his release, Strowman concentrated on himself. Strowman recently displayed his pose-down to prepare for a bodybuilding competition.

Strowman recently took to Twitter to display a series of bodybuilding poses. He said that he is edging closer to stepping on stage. Strowman is ready to take over the bodybuilding scene in 2023.

Getting closer to stepping on stage. Watch out 2023 I’m gonna take over the bodybuilding scene like I’ve taken over every other industry I’ve ever stepped in. I am the detention of unstoppable!!!! #TitanLife #AdamScherr #CYN

Braun Strowman has been busy with a variety of endeavors since his release from WWE. He is also an active social media user who is not scared to speak his opinions on any topic. EC3 and Braun Strowman had previously collaborated during the Control Your Narrative event.

Although their promotion is still very new, Strowman already has far too much pride about its success. Strowman continues to promote anything related to ‘Control Your Narrative’ right now, despite the fact that it has yet to make an impact. Check out Strowman’s latest bodybuilding pose-down in the video below.

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