AEW recently blew huge media opportunity when they reportedly failed to answer an email from the Los Angeles Times when they made their southern California debut. A representative for the times came out and said the story never happened, but that story is now being refuted. It looks like any confusion between the two parties has now been cleared up.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the situation. He doubled down on the legitimacy of his original story of AEW’s missed opportunity. Meltzer said he has since worked to bring the two sides together and that they are now in contact.

“I just basically said that the LA Times wanted to do a story on AEW and they never heard back and there was no story. So, then, people started saying I was making this up and they never wanted to do a story and that is so far from the truth. Houston Mitchell, who I’ve been friends with for decades, he had emailed them twice.

They said that they did not get the emails, whatever it was… So, the whole thing is, Houston Mitchell and Mandy O’Donnell [the person in charge of press for AEW], largely I made sure that they got together. They know each other, it’s not going to happen, there’s going to be no miscommunications, and possibly next time they go…


The idea of the story was a story on the Young Bucks returning and all their success and all that. That was the story he wanted to write. Hopefully, if all goes well, they are in touch and that story will run whenever they go back to Los Angeles, which, unfortunately, you know, the way that they do, that may be a long, long time from now. But, everything is cleared up now. The story was true.”

It could be a while before Tony Khan brings AEW back to Los Angeles. When they do return, there is a great opportunity on the table for coverage in one of America’s largest newspapers. That story in the Times about AEW may be coming eventually, it will just be subject to a lengthy delay.

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Michael Perry

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