The Hardys were originally planned to take part in the ladder match for the AEW Tag Team Championships on this week’s Dynamite. After Jeff Hardy was arrested for DUI and suspended by Tony Khan, those plans changed. Even if Jeff had not been arrested, they weren’t supposed to play a big role in the bout.

Jeff Hardy was injured during a match with The Young Bucks at last month’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view. When he was pulled over by police for driving drunk, he told them he was on his way to have a brain scan. That was likely due to the same injury.

On Bryan & Vinny & Jonathan, Bryan Alvarez discussed the original plans for AEW’s tag titles. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy were originally supposed to win the belts. Even before his DUI, it became clear that Jeff was in no condition to wrestle in a ladder match.

“The idea was the Hardys were going to win the tag titles in this ladder match, that was the plan for a while. Apparently, at the pay-per-view when the Hardys and the Bucks had their match, Jeff was not looking good. Apparently, they examined him afterward and he was all beat up and he didn’t remember the match.


They had advertised the ladder match. He was never actually going to be in the ladder match. They were going to do the angle where he and Matt were going to be coming out for the ladder match, they were going to be jumped on the ramp and they were going to be carted off and they weren’t actually going to do the match.”

The Young Bucks wound up winning the titles against Jurassic Express. Jeff Hardy was never going to compete regardless of his arrest. AEW is usually very careful to deliver on their advertised matches. Tony Khan had to have known going in that he was going to be unable to deliver.

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