Big Swole was let go by AEW last year after she was largely underutilized by the company. While many believed it was due to her suffering from Chron’s Disease, it was actually because her contract had simply run out. She also doesn’t think it’s too late for an apology from Tony Khan.

AEW President Tony Khan caused a lot of controversy after he responded to Big Swole’s callout by being unprofessional about it. Khan also said he let Swole’s contract expire because she wasn’t good enough.

Speaking to Steve Fall from NBC Sports Boston, Big Swole talked about Tony Khan’s controversial tweet. Swole stated that she doesn’t think it’s too late for an apology from Tony Khan.

I don’t think it’s never too late to forgive someone and to you know say speak your piece and speak you’re wrong and stuff like that like it’s never too late for that. I don’t ever want to close the door on something like that because that affects my healing that affects my heart you know as much as it could affect someone else so if you were to call me like a year from now and apologize hey you know whenever you know it’s set on his heart to do so then so be it, but if it’s not then that’s okay as well I’m literally like Pontius Pilate I wash my hands of it because I know my truth and I’m standing in it.”


It remains to be seen whether Big Swole will end up making her return to AEW in the future or not. Fans may or may not want to see her back either.

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