Ronda Rousey has established herself as one of the top female performers within WWE. Before signing with Vince McMahon’s promotion she earned fame in UFC and her transition to wrestling was quick. Rousey recently addressed those who refer to wrestling as “fake” and she is not happy with them.

Rousey appeared on The Kurt Angle Show, where she not only spoke about the scripted nature of wrestling but also bashed haters who call it fake. The SmackDown Women’s Champion also affirmed that a “pre-determined winner” helps a lot as it comes with “a lot less pressure” compared to MMA.

“It really does help a lot, and I don’t think pro wrestlers understand how much that it helps because a lot of times I’ll hear people be so offended that like, ‘How dare you call this fake! There’s no fake way to go through a table,’” Rousey continued, “or ‘This injury is real.’ And I’m like, ‘You guys, it’s not like the physical toll that makes something real.’”

While speaking to Kurt Angle, Rousey emphasized how even though wrestling is predetermined, it is not void of everyday dangers. She acknowledges how challenging it is to put on a show.


“The injuries don’t enter into your mind,” Rousey said of her time in MMA. “It’s the anxiety and uncertainty of the result,” that makes the situation real, as opposed to the predetermined outcome of a pro-wrestling match.”

“Imagine if you didn’t win that gold medal, Kurt, and what that would have done to you for the rest of your life,” Rousey continued, “That is what makes it real to me. Injuries, I don’t care. People get injured all the time playing ‘Pirates of Penzance. There’s a lot of difficult, physical things out there that the realism to me is that extreme anxiety.”

Rousey was recently confirmed for an upcoming WWE live event in Canada. She is set to defend her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Natalya at the Money In The Bank Premium Live Event.

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