Collaboration seems to be trendy with pro wrestling companies nowadays. From AEW to NJPW to NWA, more wrestling promotions want to coexist rather than compete for supremacy. However, Jimmy Smith, lead commentator for Monday Night Raw firmly believes WWE won’t cross-promote with their rival AEW.

Jimmy Smith gave his unmoderated thoughts on whether or not WWE would cross-promote with AEW on this week’s “Unlocking The Cage” podcast. Jimmy admits that he doesn’t have time to watch AEW, and gave his viewpoints on the two companies current competition.

Smith claims that AEW and WWE aren’t even on the same level. Many wrestling critics think the two promotions are diametrically opposed. Smith is one of those who maintains that belief.

“If so and so from AEW, and I don’t know because I don’t have time to watch AEW, but if somebody came up from AEW and it was WWE vs AEW, what you’re implying is they are on the same level.


Later on, Smith outlined a scenario in which AEW Champion CM Punk faced off against Roman Reigns. He believes the two aren’t on the same level, which is why WWE will not cross-promote with AEW in his bias opinion.

This champion from AEW, whoever it is, I know CM Punk is the champion right now so lets say CM Punk gets in there against Roman Reigns, what you’re saying is this guy is on Roman Reigns’ level, and the WWE will never, ever do that, and why should they? UFC is never going to do that with anybody at any other level. Will we see more of it? Yes. Is WWE and UFC worried about it? No, they are not.”

Jimmy Smith is a well-respected MMA & pro-wrestling commentator and a podcaster. He continues to provide play-by-play commentary on Raw every Monday night and is free to express his viewpoints at his discretion. Listen to Smith’s “Unlocking The Cage” podcast for more of his views on wrestling, MMA, and other discussions.

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