Doudrop was known as Piper Niven on NXT UK before making her WWE main roster debut. Many fans expected her to have the same name on the main roster, but that wasn’t the case. After adapting to her new name, she then had to face comparisons to Nia Jax. Doudrop has now addressed comparisons between herself and Nia Jax and she doesn’t think it helps anyone out.

Doudrop believed her name change was only temporary at first. Now that Eva Marie is no longer in WWE, many fans are anxious to see what she will do next as it is evident that Doudrop is here to stay. She also seemingly picked up for Nia Jax when WWE released the Irresistible Force.

The RAW Superstar was feeling pretty good about herself as she tweeted out a photo of her attaining victory on Monday along with a fitting caption.

Its hard being a superstar, model, athlete, influencer, motivational inspiration, charming, relatable, iconic, educated, savage, sex symbol, endearing, wholesome, modest, heroic, visionary, artist, fashionable, universally adored public figure. But here I am doing it all

Then one fan replied to say, “New Nia Jax,” and that got Doudrop’s attention.

Doudrop is one of the strongest female WWE Superstars and imposing as well. Due to this, she has been compared to Nia Jax. She took to Twitter and stated that it is a complete disservice to compare herself with Nia Jax.

I appreciate being held in the same regard as Nia, she’s a legend. But to say such does us both a disservice, we are completely different performers.

WWE also recently dropped a major storyline featuring Doudrop for essentially no reason. We will have to wait and see what the company will have planned for the young WWE Superstar next.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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