Mia Yim had a memorable run in WWE NXT, where she competed in solid matches and high-profile feuds. In comparison, her main roster run was far from ideal and left a bad taste in the mouth of fans. Yim also blasted social media for hoarding toxicity.

Mia Yim was released by WWE on November 4th of last year. She took a break and then went back to the indie scene in order to regain her confidence as a professional wrestler.

Mia Yim then went back home to Impact Wrestling, as she returned earlier last month. While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Mia Yim blasted social media for being trash and having hordes of toxicity.

“So it’s like, especially after the past year, there were a lot of people that’s been rooting for me and just saying, ‘Why would they take her identity away?’ But then of course, you get the stuff that you don’t want to read or deal with, and it lingers on you,” Mia shared.


Social media is trash to be honest. It hordes a lot of toxicity. After a lot of time at home I was just trying to stay busy so I don’t get into my own head. But it still leaks in. That’s why I spent a lot of time like, once my 90 days were up in February, I’m like, I’m gonna take a month or two off just to focus on my real life and handle business at home and try to decide what exactly I wanted to do.”

Mia Yim also criticized WWE for changing gimmicks just to fire their talent. She also has a short-term contract with Impact Wrestling but is likely to extend it later on. We’ll have to see what is next in store for Yim in Impact Wrestling.

 h/t to WrestlingNews.co

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