Roxanne Perez made her mark on NXT 2.0 this week when she defeated Tiffany Stratton to win the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament. It was supposed to be coming-out party for the colorful brand’s latest young star. Instead, it might only be remembered for its bad finish.

Stratton was supposed to miss a moonsault after Roxanne Perez moved out of the way. From there, Perez was supposed to hit her finish. Instead, Tiffany Stratton landed the moonsault with a direct hit. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer criticized the competitors for their failure to improvise after the mistake.

“There is one thing I did want to bring up in the finish of the Roxanne Perez match. Tiffany Stratton was supposed to miss a moonsault. She hit it perfectly. Like, perfect moonsault and they both got up like it was like, she stayed down and Roxanne got up like it was a miss…

The finish of the match was supposed to be missed moonsault, Code Red. Code Red, pin by Roxanne. So, she hits the moonsault perfectly. Roxanne gets up like it’s a miss because it was supposed to be, hits the Code Red right away and I thought, ‘That, as far as ring general and everything like that, that is losing the plot.’ I mean, it’s like when something goes wrong to that degree, you’ve got to improvise and it just really showed that they only know how to go from move to move based on what was scripted as opposed to when something f*cks up, you react to it and change it.


I thought the match was really good, but my God, that finish was just… That spot of the moonsault, she hits it perfectly and it’s so clear that Roxanne is supposed to move and does move, but she hits her perfectly where she moved.”

Roxanne Perez and Tiffany Stratton had a good match outside of the botched finish. Unfortunately, fans tend to remember those big mistakes. Fortunately, both wrestlers are very young and can use the mistake as a learning moment going forward.

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Michael Perry

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