AEW is filled with high-flyers like The Hardy Boys, Darby Allin, and Young Bucks. Sting is 63 and nevertheless still has a passion for wrestling. Performing daredevil stunts, with little to no injury, seems to be the Stinger’s bag now. Recently the Hardys revealed that Sting pitched to perform a dangerous high-risk maneuver during a recent match.

The Hardys were guest on Talk is Jericho. They started speaking on the match with the Butcher, the Blade and Private Party. Then Jeff Hardy noted that Sting boldly pitched to perform the maneuver of they were too timid to go for.

“That swanton from the window ledge, it was so sketchy up there because it was not even a foot wide. Sting, that day, said, ‘If you don’t want to do it, I’ll do it. I’ll dive onto a group of people,’”

Matt Hardy said Darby Allin found a ledge that anyone could jump off from. Possibly landing on opponents. Sting overheard the two’s conversation, and boldy teased to jump from the ledge if Matt (or anyone) was uncomfortable during it.


“They were talking about it and Darby said, ‘I found this cool ledge that somebody can jump off of, maybe onto a bunch of guys.’ You can see Sting looking back and you can tell his wheels are turning.

He looks at me and he goes, very aggressively, ‘Matt, you don’t want to jump off that, do you?’ ‘Well, if it fits, I will. It’s not really my wheelhouse, but if it fits to where I jump off, I will.’ He goes, ‘I’m sorry, the reason I’m saying this is because I’ll do it if you want me to.’ Jeff had already been volunteered by Darby to do it with the swanton.”

Sting is currently aligned with Darby Allin in AEW and there doesn’t seem to be an end for that partnership. Since his debut at Winter is Coming 2020, Sting has competed in cinematic matches, and recently extreme matches. He continues proving that age is just a number. We might see the Stinger wrestler until his 80’s at this point.

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Johnathan Xavier Pugh

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