“Hangman” Adam Page’s early AEW career was geared toward him becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. It took him a few years to get there, but it was also Tony Khan’s long-term booking. Page is now reflecting on his time as AEW Champion.

Page recently defended his World Title against CM Punk where he lost. Page would have surpassed 200 days as champion if he defeated Punk. However his impressive run came to an end.

Adam Page recently took to Twitter to look back at his days as the AEW champion. He thanked all his fans not just for supporting him but also supporting his vision. Page said that it’s not about the gold and the glory, but it’s about the common love and dignity.

i’ve had a while to reflect on my time as aew champion now that it’s come to an end. thank you all, not for supporting me, but for supporting the vision. it’s not about the gold or the glory, it’s about the common love and dignity with which we treat each other. change the world


He had a storyline arc where he joined up with Kenny Omega. They became Tag Team Champions, but then he went on a losing skid before returning to the top. At the Full Gear event last year, Page defeated Omega to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Check out his tweet below.

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