Booker T is a legend in the pro-wrestling business. The former WCW Champion has seen many ups and downs in his career. He experienced a career renaissance in WWE after winning the King of the Ring Tournament and donning the vicious King Booker gimmick. Booker T has now publicly apologized to Paul London for an in-ring injury that occurred nearly two decades ago.

Booker cracked London’s nose with a back elbow during a match on an episode of WWE’s “SmackDown” in 2004, During his “Hall Of Fame” podcast, Booker T addressed the two-decade back incident. Booker T made it clear that he did not hurt him out of malice.

I want to say, first and foremost, to Paul London, I apologize. Okay? If I did anything that you thought I did out of malice or if I hurt you, I apologize.

During an episode of the “Cafe de Rene avec Rene Dupree” podcast, London discussed the incident. London stated on the show that Booker had never apologized for breaking his nose. Booker was also alleged to be denying ever injuring anyone in the ring.


Booker claimed he had forgotten about the in-ring incident, but after seeing the match’s tape, he remembered what transpired. As a wrestler, he stated that his goal was to make his moves appear as real as possible. However, he admitted that completing his back elbow versus shorter opponents was a problem for him throughout his career.

Booker stated that he has never spoken anything negative about London and that he was startled to find that London was still furious about the incident. Booker claimed that following the 2004 incident, he recruited London to work matches for his Reality of Wrestling brand. Check out the video below.

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