Eric Bischoff’s opinion in the pro wrestling world is taken seriously as many consider him one of the best minds in the business. The WWE legend recently discussed what sparked his real-life rivalry with CM Punk. He described the AEW star as a “disrespectful individual.”

Over the previous two weeks, the former WWE RAW General Manager has clashed with Punk on social media and on the latter’s podcast. Bischoff even went so far as to call the AEW star the “biggest financial flop in the history of wrestling.” Bischoff remarked on his After 83 Weeks show that Punk’s rude remarks about Hulk Hogan did not sit well with him.

A lot of the comments I made, the shots I took at CM Punk, is just because I think he’s a disrespectful guy. If you’re going to get yourself over, go out and get yourself over. But if you’re going to go out – and for example – in his very first promo, first thing you do is go out and talk about what a piece of sh-t Hulk Hogan is. Well, guess what, CM Punk doesn’t know Hulk Hogan. How does he know that? He doesn’t know that.

If CM Punk would’ve worked with Hulk Hogan or knew Hulk Hogan and he had that opinion, that’s his opinion. But if you don’t even f-cking know somebody and you’re going to go out there and try to get yourself over in your very first interview by burying somebody who has contributed so much to this business, and is probably partly responsible for you even having the opportunity that you have to talk your sh-t, I find that to be disrespectful.

Bischoff went on to say that The Second City Saint’s disparaging remarks about Hogan were unjustified because he had never worked with the legend. Bischoff also said that he didn’t condemn Punk following his statements against Hogan because of AEW and Tony Khan’s respect.

When Punk declared his joining with the promotion was a bigger issue than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash going to WCW, the Hall of Famer decided to go after the Second City Saint. Years ago, after Punk was fired by WWE, Hogan made a subtle joke at him. More recently, when he chose Stone Cold Steve Austin over Hogan, the AEW star took a swipe at the Hall of Famer. Check out the full episode below.

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