WWE expects a large crowd for their next Clash at the Castle premium live event. It is the company’s largest event in the United Kingdom in decades. When the event was announced, fans pre-registered in droves for tickets. It was also noted that those tickets are the most expensive in company history.

According to WrestleTix’s patreon, 30K tickets have been reportedly sold for the pre-sale of the WWE Clash at the Castle stadium show in Cardiff. This seating plan has a maximum capacity of 82,137 people. There are currently 12,139 tickets available.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that 30,000 tickets were sold for the presale of the WWE Clash at the Castle event in Cardiff. The maximum capacity for this seating layout is 82,137. Wrestle Tix went on to note that the current available amount of tickets is 12,139, and this leads them to draw a conclusion that more seats are yet to be opened up.

What I do not know is if every section has been opened (it appears most have) and if many of the upper decks are fully open or partial. 


Using my numbers above, if EVERY section was open, that would mean a total of 69,998 seats were sold and there is almost 0% chance Drew would be underselling the amount of tickets sold by that much. This leads me to believe there are several partially opened sections and perhaps a few sections not opened yet.

Drew McIntyre recently tweeted out that 40K tickets have been sold. Using the calculations above, if every area was open, a total of 69,998 seats would have been sold, and there is absolutely no chance Drew would be underselling the number of tickets sold by that much. There are a few partially opened portions, as well as a few sections that have yet to be opened.

WrestleTix arrived at 49,000+ after deleting portions that appear to have not been opened and seats from partially opened sections. There are other portions of the map that are likely partially available at this point since Drew would’ve mentioned “Over 50K” if that was the accurate number.

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