Bray Wyatt was a top merch mover in WWE when the company decided they wanted to move on without him. The Fiend had been one of the hottest gimmicks around at the time and Wyatt’s sudden departure shocked many within the industry, including Matt Hardy.

Matt reflected on Wyatt’s release during a recent episode of the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast. 1/2 of the Hardy Brothers said he was shocked and disappointed at WWE’s decision to release Bray from his contract and failed to understand the move because Bray had been a top merch mover at the time of his release.

“It was shocking. I mean, because he was one of the biggest merch movers they had. That’s usually a pretty important, pretty important part of performance longevity around there. If you’re selling a lot of merch, usually that means you’re making money.

“You know, so it was very shocking, very disappointing. I don’t even know if it was because he’d re-signed a contract it was too much, and they were just like, it’s one of those things, it’s very much a business now more than ever.


“If they have a guy that they think is making too much money, no one is index spendable, and they’ve built the brand around WWE. Vince McMahon doesn’t need anyone’s Superstar at any certain time. They’ve really built it all around WWE and that is what is the draw.”

Later on during the show, Matt revealed WWE pitched for the Hardy Boyz to utilize the ‘Broken’ and ‘Willow’ gimmick during planned feud against the Fiend. Hardy made it clear he wanted a Willow vs Fiend feud in WWE, but it never happened in the end.

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