Fans were shocked after news broke out that Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out on RAW moments into the live show this past Monday. Sasha reportedly has zero support backstage and many believe she manipulated Naomi into leaving the building after RAW went on air.

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Select stars, including Shayna Baszler, have shown their support for Sasha. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is one of those who’ve adopted neutral stance on the issue. The former world heavyweight champion shared his take on the issue during the latest episode of Hall of Fame podcast.

“I want to hear from Sasha Banks. I want to hear from Naomi in some form. I mean, normally these young people these days, the first thing that happens, they want to put it on Twitter. We ain’t seen nothing from Naomi and Sasha. I think until we hear their side, it’s kind of hard to really dive all the way into it.


“We’re only hearing one side of it. This is sports entertainment. We all know exactly what’s happening here and everybody can’t be at the top all the time. Sometimes you’re going to be doing something that you don’t want to do per se, but if it’s not something that’s degrading to you, if it’s not something that’s, just say for instance, messing with your religion, it’s pretty much fair game because this is professional wrestling.

“You gotta look at it like this. This is the way I did it. When it came to getting the script, if it was in the context of sports entertainment, whether I was winning and losing, I really never cared about that. I really didn’t. That part did not bother me one bit. Like I say, if it was something that was coming from personal issues, a personal perspective, if it was, like I say, if I was being degraded in a way that I didn’t agree with, I’m going to speak up on it.”

Ringside News exclusively reported that Sasha’s antics “alienated” everyone backstage in WWE and forced the powers that be to nix future program with Ronda Rousey. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next for the Women’s Tag Team Champions. Follow Ringside News for more!

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