Cody Rhodes departed from AEW earlier this year and this was seen as a shocking move for many. Fans began to speculate where he’d go next. In the end he went back to WWE. Now Tony Khan is left to deal with fans who miss Cody Rhodes.

Fans believed that Cody Rhodes was going to stick with AEW for the long run. This is because he helped out the company in many ways during his time there.

While speaking matter to News 12, AEW President Tony Khan talked about Cody Rhodes leaving AEW and how it has affected the company. Khan then pointed out that two of the company’s biggest Pay-Per-Views didn’t include Cody Rhodes.

Cody was a great person from the start of AEW. He’s a great wrestler and somebody I really like and respect very much and we’ll always wish him the best. The timing of it with a lot of big stars coming in around the same time, of course, CM Punk, Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson coming in and there was a period of time where some of the top stars like Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley were both out and now both have come back better than ever.


Cody was a top star for us at the beginning and we’ve sustained, I think, and come out stronger than ever this year on TBS with Dynamite and in particular, pay-per-view, we just did one of our biggest pay-per-views ever with Revolution and set a record there. So, it was kind of a pay-per-view without him and we had done a pay-per-view not long ago without him and so we’ve, ya know, done All Out and Revolution, which are the two biggest shows we’ve ever done on pay-per-view and he wasn’t on those shows. So, I think we’ve sustained with big stars coming in, ya know, CM Punk among them and now the emergence of ‘Hangman’ Page is the top champion and big stars have come along in the meantime, it’s helped a lot. He’s [Cody Rhodes] a huge star now too, not just here in AEW, he’d been all over the world and it’s come full circle for him in a lot of ways and again, I wish him the best.”

AEW has clearly moved on from Cody Rhodes but his contributions to the company will never be forgotten. AEW has a lot of things planned in the coming months and that’s what matters in the end. Also, Cody Rhodes seems to be doing just fine with WWE’s booking for now.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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