Roman Reigns has been on whole different level following his return to WWE during WWE SummerSlam 2020. He continues to improve as a competitor in front of fans and only becomes more dominant with each passing day. Roman Reigns sent out a daring tweet ahead of the WrestleMania Backlash Six-Man Tag Team match.

WWE recently posted a video from Roman Reigns’ Instagram account to their official Twitter. Roman Reigns kicked off the 3-minute long video flexing about the fact that fans might be wondering he’s already in the gym after competing in a main event few hours back. He showcased the hard work he puts everyday. Reigns said that “this is what the best of the best do.”

“What’s in my brain already … what if that is the last six-man tag you ever see The Bloodline do? I believe when it comes to TV and it being broadcast for the entire world to see, that’s only the second one. Y’all freaking out [Reigns started to laugh]. Don’t worry, The Tribal Chief loves you. I’m not going anywhere … unless I am who knows? Anyways, what if that was the last one. Look at it, there’s so much riding on us.

We have all of the titles, we’re the very best at what we do. I’m the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, I’m the greatest of all-time. The Usos the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in the history of WWE, the greatest of their generation … the entirety of the business. It goes without being said, everything supports it. But what if that’s the last time you see us do what nobody can do? That’s the Island of Relevance right there. People, it’s not a gimmick, this isn’t something we’re putting on shirts and selling. No, this is as real as it gets because anybody that sits at the table, anybody that tries to step up, anybody that’s near us, automatically becomes better.


You’ve been seeing this. The proof is in whether you like it or not, you love it and we already know you respect it because you acknowledge it everywhere we go. Think about that, if that’s the last one, we already know y’all are going to miss us because we’re the greatest to ever do it. It’s because we’re The Bloodline.” 

Roman Reigns stated that right now Tom Brady is throwing the ball, Michael Jordan is probably on the court, still shooting the ball. He said that one can simply go out and pick greatness off the tree; you need to work for it. Roman then talked about the Six-Man Tag-Team match that is filled with future Hall of Famers except for Riddle.

Reigns then claimed that you can put Randy Orton or Drew McIntyre with anybody and still they can never defeat The Bloodline. Reigns then went as far as name dropping John Cena, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and The Rock claiming that they too, won’t be able to defeat The Bloodline.

The Tribal Chief then asked the fans what if it’s the last six-man tag team match they are going to witness. He then assured the fans not worry since he’s not going anywhere. Then he went back to boasting about everything that seems to be riding on them. He talked about being the greatest of all time, The Undisputed Champion and The Usos being the longest reigning Tag Team Champions. Check out the video below.

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