WWE upset a lot of fans who were looking forward to the Raw and SmackDown tag team titles being unified at WrestleMania Backlash. The match between The Usos and RK-Bro was heavily hyped on WWE television. The company later revealed that the main event would be a six-man tag team match instead.

The plan all along was for the six-man match. Many fans felt like this was a case of false advertising. WWE never intended to unify the titles.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez was critical of WWE for pulling the tag team title unification match. He asked Dave Meltzer why WWE would do such a thing. Meltzer said that Vince McMahon has an interesting personal rule that this storyline broke.

“You know, it’s weird because Vince has a rule… He doesn’t have a rule against false advertising because he does that all the time. But he does have a rule as far as building up something that he eventually will not deliver and there is no plan for a unification, or at least there wasn’t as of a couple of days ago. That could always change. Although, it makes no sense to do it. So I think that there’s a good chance there won’t be.


So as far as why he did it this way, I have no idea, honestly. I think that it’s probably something they thought would draw ratings. It doesn’t look like they want one set of tag team champions.”

It doesn’t sound like WWE will be unifying the tag titles any time soon. Instead, fans will get the six-man tag team match. Whatever the reason for WWE’s decision, a lot of people are unhappy.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Michael Perry

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