From a dream WrestleMania match to a full-time return to the WWE schedule, Cody Rhodes has had a whirlwind of a return. This not only means a return to weekly TV, but Cody also has to attend multiple WWE live events throughout the week. In the past, it would mean that he had to travel away from his family for a long time. But things have changed, and for the better it seems.

While appearing on After the Bell Podcast, Corey Graves asked Cody what was keeping him sane through this very hectic schedule. Rhodes mentioned how the rise of bus culture, and traveling on a bus with his family gave him enough time to rest and bond with them. He especially mentioned how his dog Pharaoh kept him calm during this hectic time.

“I’ll give you an example what kept me sane this past weekend. I did the loop and just kept me calm and level-headed. You know, you do your Saturday Night’s Main Event, your Sunday Stunner and then you get to Raw. I brought Pharaoh, my husky. He’s 11 years old now. He’s acting like he’s 300 years old. But he came on the bus.

“That’s another thing that really has [helped me], the Bus culture. I’m getting used to this. Again, I am not gonna try and take it for granted but what a way to expand your career, physically. In terms of, ‘oh my gosh it’s all here. I can bring my family on the road with me.’ It’s all right in front of me. Not have to do the rental cars and flights every single day. So the bus culture, I am really getting in.”


It is very nice to hear that the stars of today can find time to rest and recover while continuing with the hectic schedule being a WWE Superstar demands. Cody Rhodes is set to fight Seth Rollins at the upcoming WrestleMania Backlash, and with the rest, he can get, it is easy to see that Cody is going to bring his 100 percent again for this match.


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