Mike Bennett spent quite a few years in WWE alongside his wife Maria Kanellis, until the two were released from the company. He eventually went to ROH before it went on hiatus and always made sure to keep up with WWE’s current product. He also seemingly took a shot at politicking wrestlers in WWE.

Bennett did not have the best of times in WWE, as he was largely underutilized by the company. His storyline with his wife also did not go anywhere either.

While speaking to ”Sportskeeda Wrestling,” Mike Bennett talked about his faction, Honor No More, in Impact Wrestling. While doing so, he also seemingly took a shot at politicking wrestlers in WWE.

“It’s really this idea of a group of guys and one girl who are constantly going places, constantly being told this is the way you need to do it, us going, ‘Okay, we’ll do it that way’, and then constantly being last in line every single time, being screwed over, being the first to be fired, being the first to get pushes pulled from them. All in the line of like, we were told this is the way to act. This is the way we’re supposed to do things, and then it never happens,” Bennett said.


A lot of it is not too far from the truth. Without getting too bitchy, moaning, and complaining, there’s a certain realism to that. There’s a certain realism to I’m usually the guy that shows up places and does what he is told. I’m always a good little soldier and then nothing usually happens.”

At a certain point, you get fed up with it when you see guys that are politicking or ass kissing and they’re consistently getting better shots than you. I think there’s this idea that this group is kind of like, alright, well, we did it the right way. Now we’re going to do it our way and see what happens.”

It’s been so much fun for the sole reason that every single one of the guys in the group, and obviously my wife, are all super close in real life. We’re all really good friends. I’ve known Vinny and Taven most of my career. I’ve known Kenny King since I started in Ring of Honor. PCO, I kind of just met, but who doesn’t love PCO? He’s 100 years old and still doing amazing frickin’ work. I just absolutely love the dude. Eddie Edwards, I literally started at the same time in the same place in Massachusetts. We’ve known each other since I was 15 and he was probably 16. So it’s just really cool to see all this come together.”

After doing this for 21 years, to be able to come together with your friends, it’s really cool for me.”

Maria Kanellis also had talks with Tony Khan regarding a role in ROH, so it remains to be seen whether she and Mike Bennett will return to ROH as well.

h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the quotes

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