Sonya Deville returned to WWE Television back in January 2021 in a non-wrestling managerial role. She became a regular on WWE RAW and Friday Night SmackDown alongside Adam Pierce as a WWE official. Deville finds time to treat her fans with incredible snaps despite her busy schedule.

Sonya shared a sultry snapshot of herself on Instagram recently. The 28-year-old is seen in the photo wearing a skimpy black and white bikini. She posed for the revealing treat with a selfie that showcased her flawless body while keeping her face out of the frame.

You can be the match, imma be the fuse. 🔥

Sonya can be seen enjoying the beach time rocking sports shoes. Recently, Bianca Belair was tricked into signing an open contract in the ring this week. Sonya Deville was the one on hand to convince her into signing such a deal. Then when Belair’s opponent was supposed to come out, Deville attacked Belair when her back was turned.


After a bit of a beatdown, Sonya Deville revealed that she is taking on the RAW Women’s Champion next. The date for their match was not confirmed during the show, but it was later revealed that the two will throw down next week in Knoxville on SmackDown. Check out her Instagram post below.

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