Matt Hardy is a true veteran in the pro wrestling world, as he has competed all over the world throughout his career. Hardy has a vast knowledge of the pro wrestling business and is aware of how much it has changed as well. He also commented on WWE’s current product.

Many fans would agree that WWE’s product has seen a sharp decline in quality. The current product has a lot of flaws including 50/50 booking, feuds that don’t go anywhere, teams breaking up for no proper reason and storylines not making sense whatsoever.

One of the most common phrases when it comes to WWE’s creative decisions is “let it play out.” This was largely used during Karrion Kross’ disastrous main roster debut, where he lost in two minutes to Jeff Hardy. Ultimately, nothing good came of it at all.

While speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy talked about the “let it play out” phrase. Hardy then stated that WWE has burned the trust of its audience.


“I mean, you know, that was one of those things to where they just say, ‘Trust us, trust this, let it play out.’ I know, that’s a famous statement on the internet now, ‘let it play out.’ It’s just one of those things, it would become very frustrating, especially when you get to go out and you get to do you, and you make this magic happen, you’re getting these insane crowd reactions, and then you kind of reeled back, and then you get very frustrated, especially if they don’t portray you in the way the crowd wants to see you portrayed as.

That’s where the tide was starting to turn a little bit and people were really starting to understand the business. Because in the Attitude Era, we gave everyone a peek behind the curtain. Now, the internet is starting to come into prevalence and whatnot. So they’re starting to read stuff, and they’re starting to pick up more on dirt sheets/internet wrestling sites and whatnot. So they’re learning a lot more about the behind-the-scenes stuff. So I’m sure that that makes them question like, ‘Why are these guys getting beat all the time? They’re really over,’ you know? But it was what it was. We were all young guys and we were just gonna go out and do our job to the best of our ability and make the most out of every scenario we had.

I feel like with WWE if you hear that expression, ‘Let it play out,’ they’ve kind of burned their trust with their consumers, with their fans. I just don’t think people trust them anymore. Because there have been so many times that people were very patient, and they waited for it to play out, but it just never did. So I think they’ve just kind of lost their trust with wrestling fans when it comes to that. I mean, it’s become like a meme now, right? People say it when they know it’s gonna be bad, you know? ‘Don’t worry, just let it play out. Haha!’ It really has become a meme.

WWE has been criticized for a lot of things, but that has done little to stop the company from rectifying its mistakes. It is not known whether the company will fix its mistakes anytime soon.

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