AJ Styles is widely regarded as one of the best pro wrestlers in history, and it’s easy to understand why. He’s also a seasoned pro who has won the attention and respect of fans and peers over the years. It seems Karl Anderson recently discussed Styles reaction to drinking beer and he’s not a fan.

The Good Brothers, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, joined SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio for an hour-long discussion. Karl Anderson reflected on the night they were the headline dark match at Madison Square Garden with WWE in September 2019.

After the bout, there was an in-ring segment involving “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and AJ Styles. The segment resulted in Styles asking Anderson if he should drink the beer handed to him.

When we got to do The Garden and the dark main event — this is a good story. We’re in there with ‘Stone Cold; Steve Austin, me, Gallows, and AJ [Styles]. ‘Stone Cold’ hands AJ a beer. AJ doesn’t drink, and AJ looks at us and AJ goes, ‘shall I drink this?’ and I go, ‘yeah, just have a sip.’ He takes the sip, he takes the Stunner, and people react. We get to the back and he looks at us and he goes, ‘you guys lied to me. That is the worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my life! How do y’all drink those things?’


Luke Gallows talked about the WrestleMania 36 Boneyard Match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker. When The Deadman smashed the hearse window, he cut open his arm, according to Gallows. The filming had to be paused every few minutes to attend to the wound.

After some interference from Damian Priest, AJ Styles lost to Edge at WrestleMania 38. In the following weeks, we’ll have to wait and see how Styles and Edge continue their animosity.

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