NXT was the hottest brand in all of WWE at one point in time. The black and gold brand was the home of some of the best wrestlers in the world and produced countless critically-acclaimed shows.

Big Damo was one of the many wrestlers that were part of Triple H’s NXT. Damo, formerly known as Killian Dain, performed in NXT from 2016 to 2021 before he was released from his contract by WWE.

WWE rebranded NXT in 2021. The changes led to the creation of NXT 2.0. The brand is now in line with Vince McMahon’s vision of sports and entertainment. Damo believes that change was actually needed. While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Damo expressed how he wasn’t surprised the black and gold brand changed.

“So, listen this is probably a controversial thing amongst my own colleagues and whatever else. But I felt like something did have to change, right? I noticed it, especially towards the end of my time there.


“NXT had found too much of a formula. When everybody was kind of wrestling the exact same way, it got noticeable, and it was hard to watch because there were all these super talented wrestlers, then you’d have the next group coming through trying to do the same stuff.

“Then the athletes and stuff who they’ve signed, they just aren’t able to do that kind of style. I think that was maybe an issue, so it didn’t surprise me that something changed.”

The rebranded version of NXT is WWE’s attempt to create new stars. The company is working to build new stars to carry success into future. We’ll have to wait and see how NXT 2.0 fares in the long run.

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Manik Aftab

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