WWE usually throws surprises at fans by splitting up random tag teams. Before WrestleMania, WWE teased the split between Queen Zelina and Carmella, but they patched things up right before the event. The duo was unsuccessful in defending their Tag Team Championship Belt at a Fatal four-way tag team match at the big event.

The split became official when Vega attacked Carmella, who then ran over to her fiancé Corey Graves. More teams like Imperium could be up for a split, especially as a main roster call-up seems apparent. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s strategy to split up tag teams. He believes that WWE put a team together just to eventually split them up.

WWE when they put a team together, one of the things is that it’s always about breaking them up. You know New Day being the exception because they’re brothers, they don’t do that. But for the most part, when they set up a team, you know the idea is to break ’em up. And there’s nothing wrong with breaking up teams when you have good ideas for as singles that are better than your ideas as a team, absolutely break em up. But when you have no ideas, and these guys aren’t gonna be as better as singles and they are great teams, why break them up?

Meltzer also stated that New Day is an exception because they are brothers and they don’t do that. Another exception would be The Usos. He believes that there is nothing wrong with breaking up if the company has got better ideas with the stars as being singles than in a team.


However, if those stars aren’t as good as singles and they make great teams, then breaking them up would be a terrible idea. Aftermath of WrestleMania is seeing drastic changes in WWE, with Cody’s debut and formation of new stables. We’ll get to see new feuds. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more.

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Transcription by Ringside News.

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