WWE has an issue with staff. They had a couple names like Pat Buck quit in recent memory, and the fact that they also axed a number of employees over the last year doesn’t help their case. Now they are a bit short-handed.

Fightful Select reports that a number of things have accumulated into WWE not having enough people backstage to do the job. Now they are short-staffed after various people are no longer in their roles for one reason or another.

WWE has been short staffed with producers of late as TJ Wilson went on a hiatus, Pat Buck left the company, and D-Von Dudley has been sidelined.

Pat Buck signed with WWE in 2019, then Buck worked as a backstage producer for the WWE. Buck appeared on-screen in 2020, being demolished by Nia Jax.


Following WrestleMania 38, it was reported that Buck departed from WWE. On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez discuss the matter. Bryan suggested that Buck was exhausted from the hectic schedule.

“The story I was told was I mean, I don’t want to say that the job sucks, but these producers work all of them, they work RAW and SmackDown. The vast majority of the wrestlers they work RAW or they go home or they work SmackDown and they go home.

All of the agents, they have to fly in and they have to work RAW and they have to be home for like a second and they have to work SmackDown,” Alvarez said. (H/T: Ringside News)

WWE’s producers work endlessly to provide fans with high-quality content. They’re backstage at Raw, Smackdown, and PPV events with hardly any days off. Many producers become “burned out” and simply just walk-off.

Will we continue to see WWE staff abruptly leave? Yes, but only time will tell when or if that happens.

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Johnathan Xavier Pugh

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