Eric Bischoff is a pro wrestling veteran and unquestionably one of the best minds to have ever worked in the industry. He is also fully aware of pro wrestling’s evolving scene. Bischoff recently discussed if he would ever work full-time again.

Eric Bischoff took part in the WrestleMania weekend’s Ad Free Supershow Media Scrum, where he answered questions about the evolution of wrestling. According to Eric Bischoff, the product has evolved to fit the present media culture. To fit the culture, the product has evolved and changed. News is expected in our culture.

In two and a half to three minutes, they want to know what’s happening on across the world. They only care about the headlines. We’re digesting information at such a rapid rate that entertainment goods, like wrestling, must adapt. WWE had four Pay-Per-Views in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s.

Four pay-per-views were held by WCW. They have three months to develop the storylines and characters, as well as experiment, construct, and create suspense. They now have three weeks. Week one, or act one, is the beginning of the story. Act two is the second week of the play. Act three is the third week of the play. Pay-Per-View is where the payoff is.


That’s a really short story, and short stories don’t have the same impact as larger, more complex stories. Eric Bischoff was also asked if he’d ever be willing to work full-time in the wrestling industry again. The response is an emphatic no.

No. No I wouldn’t. Look, I’m a realist. As much as I enjoy performing and getting out there to make an appearance, that ship has sailed. That’s why we’re here. I’m grateful for it. I’m happy to get up every morning and look at rear view mirror and think about the things that I’ve been able to do, but I’m fortunate to not feel so connected to it that I have to have that back in my life.

Eric Bischoff also discussed how he approaches interviews based on his location. If he joins WWE, Bischoff will adopt a more sports entertainment-oriented approach. He’ll employ a pro wrestling style outside of WWE. Check out the full scrum below.

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